Dom Perignon Jade Luminous 750ml champagne bottle.  Luminous bottles are battery operated.  Batteries can be changed for a lifetime of use.

Repurposed, hand cut and poured with eco-friendly 100% organic soy wax.  Sustainable 100% cotton wick.

This candle does not have a concave base.  The wick will burn to the bottom.  15.75 ounces.  Approximate burn time: 70-85 hours.

Please Note: Due to the recycled nature of this product, appearance can vary slightly.

Dom Perignon Jade Luminous

SKU: DomLum
  • Dom Jade Luminous


    • The vintage feel of this illuminated bottle gives a fun and youthful appearance to any room. Luminous collection candles make excellent gifts, as they are rare and eye-catching!  


    • Luminous bottles take replacement batteries (not included) for a lifetime of convenience and use!   This label will illuminate Glow-In-The-Dark neon-green!


    • Our preserved champagne bottles have been hand-crafted into luxurious candles for eco-conscious enthusiasts, the person who has everything, and everyone in between! 


    • We hand mix 100% organic soy wax, and infuse essential oils to fragrance these unique candles with unbelievable scene throw to fill your room when lit or just sitting decoratively.


    • We only use sustainable 100% cotton wicks. All Preserve The Night candles are Non-Toxic!  Please keep wick trimmed while burning to 1/4" so as to always keep the wick smokeless. 


    • Appearances of the glass bottles will vary slightly... and we love the uniqueness of each one of them! 


    • Preserve The Night Candle Company is not affiliated with any company whose label adorns our products. No relationship or endorsement is expressed or implied.