Preserve The Night maintains a commitment to sustainability, offering hand-made "up cycled" luxury candles to those who appreciate fine wines, champagne, and spirits. 


We are eco-friendly and non-toxic!  Only using 100% organic soy wax and 100% sustainable cotton wicks. For sensual evenings at home, you are able to use our wax as a lotion... remember, a little goes a long way!


You may have seen similar candles on the market.  However,  Preserve The Night candles are of higher quality and pristine craftsmanship. Our glass is cut so perfectly that you need not worry about jagged edges or sub-par fragrances and wax.  We sell works of art!


Our business was started in 2012 when throwing out empty champagne bottles after a dinner party or event became just too traumatizing.  So, we decided to put a little spirit back into these beautifully crafted and sometimes very ornate glass vessels.  The final product brings a lasting enjoyment and Preservation to The Night!